HOLLIBLU 2.0 is a state of the art technology designed exclusively for the nurse community. During our COVID-19 Nurse Survey, 75% of nurses asked for more peer support, so HOLLIBLU is giving it to you! HOLLIBLU 2.0 is now available to nursing students and retired nurses. New app features will include nurse connections, meetup groups, forums, events, and blogs for nurses. This app was created to give you more personal and professional opportunities to thrive!

HOLLIBLU is a free and exclusive app for nursing students, licensed nurses, and retired nurses. 

HOLLIBLU is available for IOS and Android via App Store and Google Play. HOLLIBLU is not currently available via a web browser.

HOLLIBLU supports nurses by providing a community and technology that helps nurses connect with professional opportunities, organize their professional life, restore their passion for nursing, and empower them to thrive. HOLLIBLU is nurse founded and nurse focused. Our team is consistently dedicated to creating a supportive and thriving healthcare ecosystem because we believe that when nurses thrive, so does the industry in which they serve.

All information provided will be carried over to HOLLIBLU 2.0 as long as the same registration email is used. Unfortunately, all connections with employers will be lost.

HOLLIBLU asks for a license number, which is publicly available information, to maintain the credibility and exclusivity of our community. This option can be skipped and completed at a later time.

A complete profile includes a first and last name, specialty, license number, and email address. A complete nurse profile will unlock all app features.

Absolutely! A completed nurse profile can be converted to a resume from the profile screen. Tap the more options icon (ellipsis icon) and select "Download my resume".

HOLLIBLU 2.0 uses state of the art technology to match and recommend connections based on your goals, interests, and location. 

The visibility function allows the user to control when their profile is visible to nearby nurses. When visibility is ON, the user will be able to connect using real-time updates and matches. When visibility is turned OFF, users will be hidden and community members will not be able to connect.

Connections can be initiated, filtered, and recommended within the Connections section of the app. 

New nurse connections can be filtered and searched according to Distance, Relevance, Interests, Goals, Title, Company, Specialty, University, Degree, Age range, Connection type, and Gender.

HOLLIBLU encourages nearby connections, within 100 miles. However, connections can be made with all nurses by sharing blogs, groups, forums, and events directly without distance limitations. 

HOLLIBLU enables you to connect with other nurses for 24 hours so you have time to get to know each other and decide if you have some shared interests and goals. Don’t worry, connections can always be extended for an additional 24 hours or an indefinite period of time.

Groups can be a great way to build community. Feel free to browse groups, create one yourself, and invite community members to join. Groups can be public, private and/or invite-only. 

Great!  Check out the HOLLIBLU Job Board located within the app! We will regularly post open opportunities and feature great companies to work for. You can find job descriptions, company info, and the contact information for the position within each post. 

For all other inquires email info@holliblu.com for assistance.

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