The HOLLIBLU Hero Award is given to individuals who are strong advocates for public health and who make significant contributions to transforming healthcare. Any individual can be nominated for The HOLLIBLU Hero Award by sending us an email citing examples and testimonials of why this person deserves this honor. This years winner will receive $1,000 in cash; VR headset from Oculus (valued at $300), 12 months subscription to Supernatural.

Email nominations to:  nominations@holliblu.com or share a video on the HOLLIBLU app with #HOLLIBLUheroaward

In 2022 we will be presenting the very first HOLLIBLU Strive to Thrive Award. This award is given to hospitals or facilities that have shown exceptional employee satisfaction and retention scores. All Strive to Thrive Award nominations are executed directly by the employees of the respective facility and include testimonials from 100s of staff members. Strive to Thrive champions are facilities that exemplify characteristics such as teamwork, advocacy, employee support, safe staffing, and diversity.

Email nominations to:  nominations@holliblu.com



Congratulations to Michael Bublé for being the very first 2020 HOLLIBLU Hero Award winner. Michael used his social platforms during the pandemic to share COVID-19 education, provide quarantine entertainment, laughter and levity during a very stressful time, and encouraged discussions about social responsibility as well as public health and safety. We thank you for all your contributions in 2020. 

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